Showcasing some of our recent projects


Cutting Edge Concept

We were extremely excited when offered the opportunity to tender for a project that would later see us designing and coding a software solution based on a brand new concept: iDealFile - a paperless software solution offering digital capture, archival and signing of documents, specifically tailored to meet the demands of motor dealer sales departments.

The iDealFile solution eclipses products from other players in the market in many ways, one of which being its seamless integration with the multitude of systems already at work within motor dealers. Being an entirely workflow driven solution targeted to a specific market, it is able to intuitively drive users through their day to day processes and ensure that their necessary tasks are completed.

The software is completely configurable with options such as appearance, the DealFiles (a preconfigured group of documents) it caters for, the types of documents the system captures and the types of digital signatures applied to documents. It offers multi level user access and provides a full audit trail, storing all old document revisions and keeping a log of all user activity.

One of the key reasons we were successful with our tender was due to our extensive knowledge of the motortrade and the software, processes and workflows used within. This experience coupled with our vision enables us to act as a strategic partner to our client, allowing us to present feature ideas which enhance their product offering.


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Umbraco CMS

Bitnosis won the opportunity to create a fully repsonsive website whose content could be managed in house by our customer. Our solution was built upon our preferred content management system - Umbraco. Several templates were created enabling simple management of content such as news, events, team members and stories from the community. We also developed a custom search facility that provides results by way of integration with the existing customer relationship management system. The customer was extremely impressed with the simplicity of the delivered solution and used the solution as a basis for further websites within different areas of their business.


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“Fastener + Fixing Search”

Modernising an Industry

We were approached by another of our forward thinking clients - Mack Brooks Group who, having embarked on a mission to bring their industry into the digital age, wanted to create a searchable directory of the companies that advertised within their magazine. The site proved extremely successful in transitioning traditional, print only advertisers to a combined print and online initiative. Bitnosis also assisted with an Adwords campaign and implemented analytics; initiatives which proved invaluable in increasing traffic to the site.

Owing to the success of the site, development was commissioned to offer an online advert booking facility. This feature allows advertisers to register and book adverts online, where they can build their advert by configuring details such as their company information, products that they stock and their company logo, as well as choose from a plethora of extra advertising opportunities. This feature attracted many new advertisers who had not previously advertised in print.

The solution includes an extensive back office area where administrators can configure prices, authorise booked adverts for display on the site, run reports and export data.

Fastener + Fixing Search

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“Fastener + Fixing Technology”

Content Management

Fastener + Fixing Technology is a site that we rebuilt with a specific goal in mind; to free up the production manager from updating the site, which previously required strong technical knowledge. Leveraging Umbraco CMS, we built areas of the site to provide different members of the team with a simplified method of updating content such as news, adverts and technical articles along with general site wide content.

Fastener + Fixing Technology

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“Inspection System”


Manheim were looking for one of their industry leading products to be reimagined, in order to improve the aesthetics and overall user experience. Care was taken to ensure that the system gave a familiar feel whilst ensuring that the user experience felt more natural and increased productivity. Internationalisation was also introduced in order to present the opportunity to expand into international markets.

The software integrates into systems from Ford, General Motors, Toyota, HPI, Stapletons Tyre Services and Micheldever, as well as with many of the popular dealer management systems within the UK market. The redesigned product has a skinnable, modern design and code complexity has been significantly reduced which will facilitate agile development of the product in the future.

Inspection System

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